Shout out to Brian Mendler

Currently I am working as a 1st grade teacher in a district about an hour from my home. I started this position about 3 weeks ago; I am a Long Term Sub for a teacher who went on maternity leave.

I have been struggling with several behavioral problems since I began my position and I’ve been trying to remain as calm as possible (they are little ones!). But it has been a STRUGGLE. And it has been extremely frustrating. Coming in mid-year is always difficult. Some days are better than others. You’re trying to build relationships, maintain consistency, and not lose instructional time in the process. Every day I go home and think about those kiddos and how to improve my teaching and strategies so the next day is better.

So a fellow teacher mentioned googling Brian Mendler. He is from NY (my home state!), taught for 9 years, and now travels giving seminars on managing behavior in the classroom.

Life. Saving.

There are several YouTube snippets of his seminars and I am telling you, he knows his stuff. I listened to several on my way home from work Friday and it was like he gave me a whole new perspective on my career. I had chills listening to him, and a ton of laughs too. I can’t wait to go in Monday with this brand new outlook and see the effect it has on my class.

Watch him HERE!


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