Happiness is a Choice

After a relatively rough week, I’m feeling mentally and physically exhausted as I hit the lights in my classroom and close the door.

Everything that could have gone wrong did,  and now it’s pouring rain for my hour long drive home. What a Negative Nancy I am being!

So I dash out into the rain(coat-less), shove my bags into my car, close(slam?) the door…. and breathe.

It’s Friday. I have a free weekend. I have a car that runs well, a paycheck in my purse, and leftover food from my lunch I was too busy to eat.

All of the combined makes me a lucky gal.

I firmly believe happiness is a choice. It may be tough to remember sometimes, but no one’s life is perfect, no matter how amazing it appears through their filtered Social Media accounts.

Things go wrong in life; some things we could have controlled, and most we couldn’t. A bad day doesn’t mean a bad life. A bad day means we need to take a moment to pause, breathe and think. What could we have changed? If you can figure it out, make a mental note to make that change in the future. If it was out of your control, recognize that.

I for one have a habit of overreacting before I’ve taken a moment to recognize and analyze the circumstances around me. I’m a planner but I’m also spontaneous; it makes for an interesting personality and interesting problem-solving skills(New York tomorrow, anyone?).

There hasn’t been a bad day I haven’t survived yet, so I’d say I’m doing something right, or maybe it’s just those bad days really aren’t that bad.

I also think it helps to have some go-to stress relievers that help you calm down and chill out. Cause sometimes just telling ourselves “it isn’t that bad” doesn’t do the trick! And that’s OK!

So, in case you’re in need of a new stress reliever, here’s what I recommend:

  • Yoga(if you don’t want to go into a studio or an outdoor class, look up some yoga instructors on YouTube! Try one of my favorites: Yoga with Adriene.)
  • Running/Walking
  • Music(beachy Kenny Chesney tunes playing at the moment= immediate mood booster)
  • Simple stretching exercises
  •  Breathing and counting(my classroom favorite ;))
  • Wine (kidding…. kind of)
  • Call a friend (so much cheaper than therapy! and they usually like wine, too)

So my advice to you (and myself) is to choose happiness. Choose hope. Choose love. Choose to see the world out of rose- colored glasses, because life is short and as cliche as it is, there’s no time to waste being sad. 

Happy Friday!





Featured image from https://unsplash.com/@jblesly


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